Mac OSX Yosemite Beta 1 Update Review

zszdhg39mlong5rxx62z For a brief period, Apple seemed to bestow their benevolence onto us humans for the first time in many years and gave us access to a public beta. Yes, Apple has somewhat broken down their vice grip on their ego and has allowed the general public to test out their upcoming Mac OS update, Yosemite. Function wise, there are some key features absent from this beta 1 update, so with that comes the omission of a huge portion of what makes Yosemite so compelling. The flipside to all of this is the cosmetic changes Mac OS has gone through in order to coexist with IOS 8. Translucent panels, improved notification systems, ubiquitous transitions throughout the OS; Apple seems to be concerned with familiarity rather than core changes to the OS, and to be honest, initial impressions seem to point towards that being the sensible direction to go.

Check out our hands on video of the installation process (be ready to bake a cake during the process) and general changes throughout the system after the jump.