The Yoga Book – The 2-In-1 Tablet Writes the Latest Chapter in Mobile Productivity


Capture Every Thought, Every Picture, Every Doodle – The Innovative Create Pad, Halo Keyboard and Real Pen Opens Up More Opportunities To Be Creative And Productive While On-The-Go

Beautifully engineered the Yoga Book is a 2-in-1 tablet available on both Android and Windows that’s designed to handle the creative and productive tasks of today’s mobile-first, always on-the-go, touch-first tablet user.

Lets the user move seamlessly between innovative technologies to offer greater choice and fluidity in typing, writing and drawing on a tablet, with the introduction of the Create Pad, Halo Keyboard and Real Pen.

Designed for the mobile lifestyle, the Yoga Book is ideal for students, bloggers, young professionals, salespeople and content creators who can work on morning e-mails, in-class note taking, Vine edits and spur-of-the-moment drawings that are intuitive, simple, effortless and instantly digital.

Incredibly thin, feather light and reassuringly tough, the Yoga Book is a joy to hold, effortless to carry, and simple to store – making it perfect for those always on-the-go.

BERLIN – August 31, 2016: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today launched the Yoga Book, a new 2-in-1 tablet designed for enhanced user productivity whether at home, at work and school or on the move. Elegant, sleek and clean edged, the Yoga Book is incredibly thin (9.6mm closed, 5.5mm open and tapering to 4.05mm at its slimmest edge) and feather light (690g) making it a joy to hold, effortless to carry, simple to store.

New Technologies for the Touch Generation Designed from the ground up, the Yoga Book seamlessly bridges touch, type, write and draw in a new touchscreen form factor, purposely designed to meet the lifestyles of those we’ve identified as the “Touch Generation” – touch screen natives who are mobile-first, and want technology that adapts to them – not the other way around, continuously looking for ways to be productive and creative while on the move, whether on their daily commute, at the office or in class.

Challenging this pressing need for better productivity head-on, the Yoga Book introduces three highly innovative features, seamlessly integrated together, to redefine how people interact with a tablet – the Halo Keyboard, the Create Pad and Real Pen.

Our intention to shift consumer expectations in tablet design could not be clearer than with the Halo Keyboard.

The Halo Keyboard re-imagines the possibilities of a modern keyboard, while providing the technology platform for all other standout Yoga Book productivity-driven features, such as the Create Pad and Real Pen. It appears to the user as a full, backlit virtual keyboard with shortcut keys for a typing experience that matches that of a physical keyboard, easily overcoming the challenges of typing on a tablet screen. With in-built prediction software and artificial learning software at its core to understand and adapt to the typing habits of the user and in-built sensitive haptic technology to guide typing and reduce mistakes, the Halo

Keyboard significantly reduces the discomfort, sluggishness and errors that comes with typing on an on-screen keyboard. It also combines the power of hardware and software into one interface, allowing for continuous optimization while setting new standards for keyboard thinness. Without the need for physical keys, these devices become lighter and more mobile than detachables.

The lack of physical keys also allows the Halo Keyboard’s flush surface to house the Create Pad. For the artists and free hand note-takers, the Create Pad converts into a virtual notepad that instantly digitizes everything from doodles and to-do lists to web page annotations and on-screen notes, using the Real Pen and our Note Saver app.

The Real Pen is the first digital pen to use state-of-the-art EMR technology and real ink for a never-
seen-before dual use application. Matching the size of a real pen – hence its name – it can digitize notes and sketches written on paper with real ink, or function as a stylus when writing straight on the Create Pad – capturing everything you write or draw to the screen.

Designed with 2,048 pressure levels and 100-degree angle detection, the Real Pen also lets you draw like a professional with the control and precision of a pencil or paintbrush. And being able to save directly to the Yoga Book means users will never misplace notes or sketches again.

A labor of love, the Create Pad took 18 months of development to ensure the right coating was used to replicate the touch and feel of real paper when used with the Real Pen. Finally, the Real Pen comes with replaceable ink and no batteries – enabling unlimited pen use.

Constructed from a combination of magnesium and aluminum alloys, the Yoga Book is robust in build and guaranteed to attract attention in public. As with all Yoga products, it has the distinctive watchband-style hinge.

This time though, the hinge is engineered to be smaller and features a custom-made 3-axis hinge, with 130 different mechanical pieces comprising five different materials. Lab tested to over 25,000 times, the Yoga Book form offers a smooth, seamless transition between the four viewing modes – Browse, Watch, Create and Type.

The Yoga Book introduces Book UI, a Lenovo-adapted Android 6.0 operating system, making it ideal for work as well as consumption and play. In real terms, this means the Android Yoga Book meets the demands of the fast-paced multi-tasker, smoothly opening and running multiple windows; whilst keyboard shortcuts let you flick your way through presentations, documents and videos at once, thanks to the Intel Atom 5x processor.

And it’s a great entertainment tablet in its own right. Built to suit your needs any time of the day, the Yoga Book makes downtime more entertaining as you catch up on the latest series or YouTube trending videos, or edit your latest pictures with crystal clear resolution, delivered through the 10.1” IPS FHD screen and crisp sound enhanced with Dolby Atmos®.

For those wanting a device that not only looks good but withstands the wear and tear of being hand-carried to meetings, perched on train-tables and placed in bags with no case, the Yoga Book’s thin and robust metal casing, available in Champagne Gold or Gunmetal, offers a durable yet contemporary look.

The Yoga Book is also available on the Windows 10 platform.


Pricing and Availability

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The Yoga Book starts at $499 available starting in October 2016.

The Yoga Book with Windows $549 available starting in October 2016.

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