Xfinity Fall TV Program- There is a lot of Good stuff

Recently I got a chance to chat with Todd Gold the Xfinity TV Editor, to talk about programming and how the X1 box combines data curation and human editor to making you watching experience more enjoyable. Through the X1 Box Comcast employs  a few interesting ways to make finding and experience new & existing show easier and more attainable. This involves  layering fun elements, with editorial curation selection of shows in creative manners, like having “10 best new shows of the fall” or “5 TV shows for this weekend” . This implicit allows the editors to suggest and highlight shows that user will find interesting and engaging. This also helps highlight shows that are hidden gems, while helping X1 user navigate a crowded landscape

The Guide is organized into several section, some of which included

  • featured section
  • feature editorial
  • find a new favorite

Here is Todd Gold’s recent blog post with more Fall TV insights

Fall is hands down the most exciting time of the year for TV fans. Between now and November, more than 130 new and returning series will premiere, giving viewers fresh episodes of their go-to shows and the chance to discover new favorites. Xfinity, has  spend plenty of time – in the office and on the road – previewing the season, watching the new shows, and helping customers figure out what to watch.

“We’ve previewed the newest crop of 50+ new shows set to premiere in the coming weeks and there are some pretty amazing stories set to unfold. Thankfully, every one of these new shows will be available to watch across Xfinity On Demand platforms, so Xfinity TV customers can tune-in on their own time.

Certain shows have struck our TV editorial team as being particularly promising for an on demand audience, and here are our predictions for the top five new fall shows poised to be huge hits on Xfinity On Demand”:

1.     Designated Survivor, ABC: Serialized dramas always do well on Xfinity On Demand, and in an election year, this is the perfect time to launch this type of show. Combined with the star power of Kiefer Sutherland, Designated Survivoralready has a built-in and passionate fan base.

2.     Pitch, FOX: Our Xfinity On Demand audience loves a strong female lead and they’ll have that with Pitch and newcomer Kylie Bunbury. The show is full of determination and heart and will no doubt attract a wide audience given its sports connection.

3.     The Good Place, NBC: These types of quirky comedies tend to excel on Xfinity On Demand, and Kristen Bell is sure to draw laughs. It’s got a great timeslot too – right after NBC’s hit Superstore.   

4.     This is Us, NBC: The buzz has been building for this one, racking up more than 70 million views on social platforms so far.  We expect this dramedy to find a loyal following on Xfinity On Demand as well. 

5.     Westworld, HBO: HBO’s newest series is part Western/part Sci-Fi.  It’s got a huge cast, and its compelling, mysterious and unique storyline is sure to keep viewers coming back. 

To help people learn more about these shows and more, we’ve created a “Front Row to Fall TV” destination on X1 where customers can find everything in one place – from season previews, prior season recaps, to early premieres, full season catch-ups and even some original editorial content.

We hope you enjoy watching the season as much as we’ve enjoyed previewing it and we’ll check back in on our predictions in a few weeks.