Xbox One X Review: True 4K Gaming Console!

08. First of all, I want to just thank Microsoft for sending the console over. They sent it with a bunch of games so we could actually sit down, play, check it out, get a good feel for it and see what it’s all about.

This is your Xbox One X, all black console, retails for 499 and it packs in a lot of power. This thing can handle 6 teraflops. You’re going, “What is that?” It just means it can do 4K, 60 frames per second real smooth and HDR. It’s also got a built in 4K HDR player.

Now, you can see the back. The ports are still the same. We’ve got your HDMI in and out, two USB 3.0, optical Ethernet port, gigabit Ethernet, as well as a power supply built in. All the things you want for your gaming console are still there in terms of hardware. Design is really slick and simple. The power button, another USB 3.0 port in the front. As I mentioned, a 4K HDR player, but what you care about is gaming. How does 4K gaming look on this console? How does it handle? What’s gameplay like? All that kind of fun stuff. How do I experience it as a gamer?

First off, I’d say it handles really well. This is captured directly from the console playing Gears of War. Still looks sharp, vibrant, also handled well just in terms of gameplay. It was smooth. I didn’t notice any slowdowns whatsoever. I really like that. Then, taking a look at a game like Super Lucky Tales. Yes, it’s not graphically intensive, but again, it looks and runs very, very smooth. That is what you want with your gaming experience or whether you’re looking at a highly intense graphical game or something more platformy like this. The concept gives you that kind of smooth breath.

The one I will mention to everyone is that if you’re like me who basically has an external hard drive for the console, to get the best, of course, load times, you want to install your games internally in the console itself, but, still your gameplay and performance just handles really well and looks great on this.

Now, the next game I actually checked out and played in 4K is Killer Instinct. This game just looks so beautiful in 4K. Ran really well and smooth, especially when you’re chaining all those combos in there. I think it was a really, really fast and smooth experience, but I want to you guys to actually just listen and enjoy some gameplay.

Yeah, it handles well and that’s what you want. You want a console where you can sit down on your couch, sit in front of your 4K HDR TV and enjoy 4K HDR gaming content at 60 frames per second. Granted, not every game is going to run that way and these are Microsoft first party games that I actually played, so of course, tuned well for the system to actually handle that.

The other cool thing is that you actually capture in 4K HDR. Basically, you go into your settings and you can see ‘Capture 4K HDR’. It says ’30 seconds’ if you’re capturing internally, but you can capture on the external hard drive for up to an hour of a capture session. It doesn’t matter how big your hard drive is, you can just store all that in there.

Now, the interface, of course with a full update is pretty smooth and snazzy on this. Actually it feels much faster than my Xbox One S, which is nice. Of course, you’ve got a faster system, faster performance. If you want to check out more about, of course, the new fall update, I have a link for you guys here where you can hit the cards to check out our fall update video to see how it works and handles.

I like this console. I like the kind of performance I got from the console. I like the fact that every game I played handled 4K 60 frames per second very well, but it also has a 4K Blu-Ray drive, which means like Planet Earth looks sharp and vibrant, the lion looks just beautiful, the lightning looks very vibrant and sharp. That’s the kind of thing you want. You want to get that whole package. I think Microsoft provides that gaming, the entertainment package here with this. Even if you’re watching a movie or something like Westworld, for instance, a 4K Blu-Ray, again, the color show, just the vibrance of the scene especially in the western town. Those things come out really well with the Xbox One X.

I have to say, though, I have enjoyed this thoroughly as a console. If you guys know me well, I like to harp about 4K HDR gaming. I was happy with the Xbox One S, being able to upscale and do 4K HDR. I’m excited that this console actually does proper 4K, 60 frames per second, and HDR and I can still play my HDR content with a 4K Blu-Ray, which is great. That, for me, is the experience I want to get.

If this is something you guys want too, definitely use our link down below to pick it up. Xbox One X will available on November 7th. It’s $499