Xbox One Wired Controller + Cable for Windows

Xbox One  controller-3

The Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows is simple to use, plugging into any available USB slot and updating automatically.  The controller works on your Xbox One as well, either wirelessly or with the cable, making it more versatile than third-party PC controllers. The gamepad itself appears to be identical to the existing Xbox One controller. The difference with this package is that it will come with a micro USB cable, which the current controller does not include. Microsoft won’t charge extra for the cable; the PC gamepad will cost $59.95, the same retail price as the existing Xbox One controller. This Windows 7 and Windows 8-compatible controller, Microsoft released Windows PC drivers for the Xbox One controller in June for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems; the drivers make the gamepad compatible with any PC game that already supports the Xbox 360 controller.