Windows 8 Release Preview First Look Walkthrough

win8 There are a few new changes to Windows 8 Release Preview.  For one, it feels more stable. Flash has been included to the Metro Internet Explorer Browser, with Microsoft and Adobe working together to build a stripped-down version of Flash for IE10.  This adds some features (video playback) while skipping over the pieces that typically cause performance and battery life problems. Microsoft is also maintaining a list of sites that are authorized to use Flash on Windows 8, so your experience will certainly vary — YouTube’s allowed but is among the affected sites (Full Flash is still available in Desktop mode.)

Metro apps have continued to improve and Microsoft has added 3 new apps from the Bing team (I still want the RSS feeds app back).  The apps are Sports, Travel, and News apps that styles text for your particular screen, offers big images, and makes it easy to flip through a lot of content. The apps look fantastic, easy to navigate, and categorize. I am glad Microsoft is putting out solid examples of how Metro apps should work and look, and will be good examples for developers to follow.

So far, so good…I like the improvement, I would like to see a mouse short cut, like taking screenshots, as well as more live tile functionality from multimedia apps, like play controls.

I like what I see and can’t wait to see what 3rd part developers have in-store for us.