Windows 7 Phone Series Announced***Update*** Demo Video up


Total at MWC 2010 Microsoft that declared war on the mobile market by announce and showing off windows 7 phones series. Which is all honesty is the Zune phone, and that good in my opinion. MS needed a fresh start and it looks like the have it here. No detailed hardware specs have been announced. we know Microsoft is not building hardware but are laying done specific hardware guidelines, to ensure uniformity of all windows 7 phones. Also there will be no 3rd part skins over the UI (sorry HTC & Samsung). from the sound of thing. MS is very serious.Here are some pics of the new device.

2010-02-15win7phonepr-3-1266243857 2010-02-15win7phonepr-1266243859


There is xbox live intergration, the interface is very Zune like and looks smooth .Also outlook looks to be of next generation status. Though on a sad note, all legacy Windows mobile apps are not compatible with Windows 7 series. So Microsoft has come out to answer critics who said innovation is dead at the company and heed warning to its competitors Apple and Google. It going to be a three way race. I want one now.