Windows 10 News Round-up


Today Microsoft opened up the flood gates on Windows 10 and what they are doing on PC and the mobile front, plus a few surprises. Our friends at have an extensive article brake down of Windows 10 news announcement, which you can check out on their site.

The focus moving forward is on ecosystem and tying data and devices together. Being able to move seamlessly from device to device with data and apps intact, for both business and consumer solutions, creating a “global” platform. Fragmentation was discussed, in attempting to move consumers on older operating systems up to something more current, free upgrades will be available at launch for all Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 users. After the first year Windows 7 users will also receive a free upgrade.

Windows 10 will start a new conversation for operating systems in that updates will be provided for the “supported” life of a device.  Windows as a service, means that users will receive free updates to the OS as the device ages. Of course we don’t know how long the “supported life” of a gadget might be.

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Updates

Windows 10 is evolving rapidly. The Start Menu can now be expanded for a full screen view. This returns some of the touch screen functionality for tablet and convertible users. This will be augmented by a new “Tablet Mode”. Removing a keyboard, or flipping a screen around will now automatically transition all open apps and windows into a full screen mode for easier touch navigation. Very helpful updates for transitioning Windows to various screen sizes.


Microsoft’s Personal Digital Assistant on Windows Phone will be coming to PC’s and tablets. As it was on Windows Phone, search bars will be replaced by Cortana prompts for typing queries, and the same “Hey Cortana” voice action will activate a voice search.

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Below is our full Video Wrap-up of Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcements today.