Verus Dandy Layered Case for the iPhone 6

   SAMSUNG CSC      

Leather cases are not my cup of tea, nor my first recommendation when it comes to protecting smart phones due to the various disadvantages of the material itself, as well as the perceived level of protection. Verus has done their best minimize the aforementioned qualms with leather cases, and truly add value and functional advantages to the overall package.

The entire exterior of the device is covered in what feels like real leather. I reached out to Verus for a confirmation on that and am still awaiting an answer. The interior of the case houses the holder for the iPhone 6 as well as holders for debit/credit cards, business cards, and cash. I must say, design wise I find the Dandy Layered case to be one of the more attractive options out there, especially for the price range. On the durability side, the material used does hold up well against smudges and fingerprints, so much so that I didn’t come across any apparent marks while using the device. Texture, aesthetic design, and durability all get a pass here.

Personally, even though I enjoyed my time with the Dandy Layered Case from Verus I couldn’t make it my daily driver. Solely for the fact that the case engulfs the entirety of the iPhone 6, albeit the Apple logo cut out and camera/flash opening. That’s not a knock on the case whatsoever, but if you’re looking for a case that still showcases the design of the iPhone 6, look somewhere else. If that doesn’t apply here, the $34.99 price tag for this case is more than reasonable and I highly recommend this case for premium case lovers out there.