Ultrasone Signature Dj Headphones- Premium Quality for the Audiophile at heart

Ultrasone Signature DJ (5) While I don’t claim to be an audiophile or audio professional, I think most of you would agree with my opinion that great sound provides an added dimension to the enjoyment of entertainment, and here at booredatwork.com we want you to “enjoy your entertainment.” Enter the Ultrasone Signature DJ headphones, at a price range of 1049.99 USD, these headphones definitely aid in the enjoyment of said entertainment. These Ultrasone headphones have been specifically designed for use in clubs but are also perfectly suited for use on the move. The helix cable, delivered as standard, is ideal for professional use and can be used interchangeably between microphone and remote control – enabling the use of mobile devices everywhere

with an SPL of 115db and drivers in the 50mm range, these headphones provide crisp accurate sounds that add to your audio listening experience. While I am not a professed audio pro, I do appreciate great sound when watching movies, playing games or just listening to music and these cans definitely delivered. The low tones were clear and audible while higher tones were delivered without distortion. I have to point out that while I had the bass turned up for a little NWA listening (flac), I was still able to clearly pick out the classic rhymes without issue.

The build of these headphones highlights its premium pricing. The ear cushions of Ethiopian sheep skin leather, are extremely comfortable even during extended use, the patented MU metal shielding will be a welcomed addition to those health conscious DJs, while the real glass nameplates add a touch of exclusivity rounding out the overall look and feel.

Back to the pricing. At over a thousand dollars, these headphones scream exclusivity. This is definitely not your everyday use phones, unless you $h!t in a golden bowl, but rather your go-to phones when audio quality and precision come into play. While I wouldn’t drop that kind of money on headphones, I definitely did appreciate the level of clarity and precision that these cans provided.

If you are a profession or prosumer DJ who wants to get the most out of their beats, then these headphones should be on your short list.


Technical Specifications
Principle: Dynamic / Closed
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Driver: 50 mm Mylar
Magnet: NdFeB
Frequency range: 5 – 32.000 Hz
SPL: 115 dB
Weight (excl. cord): 300 g
2 detachable cords: coiled cable up to 3,0m, goldplated 6.3mm plug
1,2m straight cable with microphone and remote control, angled 3,5mm gold plated plug
ULE technology
S-Logic Plus technology
Ethiopian sheep skin leather head pad and ear pads
Real glass nameplates
Transportation case