ULTRASONE DJ1 Pro S-Logic Surround Sound headphone Review

IMAG1030 Equipped with MU-Metal shielding these headphones also meet the needs of DJs considering safer hearing aspects. In addition you will find useful accessories in the DJ1 PRO hardcase: one coiled cord, one straight cord and a spare pair of speed-switch earpads. The specifically designed hardbox will ensure a safe transportation and storage. Ultrasone invented the inimitable S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound and Ultra Low Emission technologies. Ultrasone integrates safer hearing aspects without neglecting latest technologies.  What that means is that you can listening to higher volumes and still enjoy the sound quality from the headphones.

In terms of sound, the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro do a fantastic job, I mean you literally feels like you are drifting away with the music. You have got soft earcups that are comfortable and allow you to listen to music for hours. With great mids, clear highs and solid all around bass. Plus S-logic surround sound makes everything feel like music is floating around your head.  Overall I really liked the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro headphones and will full recommend them to anyone looking for great headphones that provide a great listening experience


  • Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
  • Dynamic principle
  • Frequency Range 10 – 22.000 Hz
  • Impedance 64 Ohm
  • Sound pressure level 102 dB
  • Driver 50 mm Mylar
  • Weight 285 g (excl. cord)
  • Cord, ca. 0.8 m straight and ca. 3 m coiled cord