TYLT TUnz in-ear headphone review

TYLT Tunz-15 The Tunz are in an ear style stereo headset with eye catching design. They are available in five colors, each with accents that give them quite the sporty look: red, blue, green, black, and white. The material for the cord is a rubbery silicone, which is flat, and fairly tangle free. It is easily wrapped up and stored in its rubber carrying pouch.
The microphone and accents stand out in the bright green. The ear cushions are of the same color, and are standard rubber material. Included in the packaging are various sizes and two styles. One is the standard ear cushion, but then you see the other funky design of the Active Gels. They sort of reminded me of a honey comb. These are for active use, however, trying to use these at the gym was problematic. I tried every size and each style, and still had a hard time keeping them in place at the gym.
Sound wise, I found the Tunz to be average. The volume was fine but sound quality, I have heard better. I got the most use on the train blocking out fellow travelers. So for everyday use, these are just fine. They have a great design. But for those looking for superior sound, not so much.