TYLT SQRD Galaxy S4 Case Review

TYLT SQRD Galaxy S4 Case-6 The TYLT SQRD is a very unqiue looking case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, it screams design. In addition to personalizing your Galaxy S4, the squared corners provide triple protection where you need it most while maintaining a super slim, sleek profile that glides in and out of your pocket. There is a very specific contour to the back of the case that creates an elegant look and feel. The TPU wraps around the front of the phone to protect the Galaxy S4 screen. The TYLT SQRD case was inspired by current design trends of strong angles and smooth lines. It was designed specifically for the Galaxy S4 to enhance the shape and feel of the phone in the hand. Priced at $29.99 and available in 4 colors the TYLT SQRD is a unique looking case that provides solid protect while changing the look of your SG4