TYLT Car Band & Y-Charger Review

TYLT Band & Y-Chargers (5) Who said car accessories are or have to be boring. Introducing the TYLT Band and Y-Car Chargers. But are Aimed to give a more sophisticated yet functional and durable appeal to your mobile accessories

The Y-CHARGE’s 2.1Amps provides the maximum charge speed today’s devices will accept. Unlike bullet chargers, the Y-CHARGE is compact, yet solidly substantive and easy to insert and remove.
Output Voltage: 4.75 – 5.75 Volts
• Output Current: 2.1Amp
• Length: 3.5 inches
• Width: 2.25 inches
• Thickness: 0.625 inches
• Weight: 1 ounce

The BAND CAR CHARGER’s 2.1 Amps allows for super-fast charging of any tablet or two smart phones simultaneously. It’s easy to feel, easy to find and don’t worry about hiding wires anymore… you won’t want to hide the BAND CAR CHARGER.

Silicone Unibody
• Wide Flexible Flat Ribbon
• Available in 4 Vibrant Colors
• Available in Micro USB version
• Available in New Lightning Connector Apple version
• Includes additional USB port for rapid charging of a second device simultaneously