Turtle Shell wireless Speaker Review

WP_20140213_16_01_19_Pro I remember going to the Outdoor Tech booth with BooredFemme at CES, and was impressed by 2 things: 1) they had stools, and after 6 hours of walking – stools were a gift to our sore feet and 2) they had a great line of outdoor speakers with friendly staff willing to walk us through the entire line from the comfort of our stools.  After spending as much time as possible soaking up time being off our feet – we walked away more impressed with their speakers then we were with resting our aching feet.

Upon returning to the Booredatwork Universe, we received the Turtle shell 2.0, which offers a compact multi-directional sound in an extremely water, dust and shock resistant package.  While offering the sound of a bigger system, it is as portable (if not more so) then any other speaker system out there, especially when you include that it comes with camera threading, and a clip hook – so you can always find a place to put it, and keep it with you at all times.  Plus, the battery on it is advertised as a 16 hour battery – however, here at Booredatwork, we like our music loud, and it tends to be a bit less when streaming via Bluetooth at high volume.

To put it to the test, Thunder E and I tested it by taking the Turtle Shell 2.0 out while we shoveled our cars out from the parking lot – the joys of being in New England in the winter.  We were able to fill the parking lot with rich music and take the edge off the bitterness of yet another winter storm.  While total immersion in water might not be the best – it can take a licking and keep on ticking; plus with a price point of $129, it is an affordable, rugged speaker that can keep up with you in all of your activities – and keep the music flowing. I suggest if you are like me and a lover the outdoor, then definitely pick up the Turtle Shell wireless Speaker here.