The Ultimate Motorola Moto X Review: A nice step forward

Moto X Review Shots-5 The Worst kept secret from Google and Motorola was the Moto X; Motorola’s big foray back into the world of competitive smartphones away from its solid droid line of devices on Verizon Wireless. The Moto X comes in a s a child of mixed parents. With that you see good and bad traits from on both sides. At the heart of this device is the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing system, No its not a new processor style but actually a collection of processor, with the X8 comprising of a software optimized Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7Ghz dual-core processor, a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU, a natural language processor and a contextual computing Processor and 2GB of ram. All this is packed to give a better gaming experience; what we get from the Moto X is a smooth gaming experience without an hick-ups or slow downs. Handles just as well its Quad-core processor competitors. Plus its got an added benefit of not over heating up while gaming which is a huge plus. Check out our coverage of gaming on the Moto X . All housed under a 4.7-inch edge to edge HD display, at 720P AMOLED with RCG Su-pixel at 316 PPi

10MP Clear Pixel Camera

The Moto X comes with a 10MP ClearPixel technology camera, which houses a RGBC, which is supposed to bring in 75% light than a traditional RGB Bayer senor, combined with a F2.4 aperature and a large 1.4 pixel size. Which does allows the Moto X camera to take photos at up to twice the speed as most smartphone camera. Now how does it relate in the real world; well Motorola has improved the quality of the camera on the Moto X and you can see huge improvements in video quality and daylight photos. But in low light it doesn’t match up as well. which you can see here in our Moto X camera test.

The Moto X is a balanced device in many respects, the hardware is balanced and features a lot of new features like Touchless control using  “Ok Google Now”, which takes advantage of the language processor to provide a Siri like service that is fully dependent on a data connection for functionality. Grant Google informed up that the feature set for “Ok Google Now” will continue to grow. we found it to be a bit lacking, though useful. The Active display feature is one I really liked, it uses a very little amount of system power and is a great feature. Battery life on the Moto X really puts other manufacturers to shame, with more than 24hrs on some occasions. Even while gaming the Moto X still give some impressive battery life hours. Which should end the battery life debate. voice quality on the Moto X is great and as this is still a cellphone and voice calls are important. It does a good job there.

Overall the Moto X for Motorola is a very good device and handles a lot of things well, but it faces challenges with its price point at $199 and the exclusivity of Moto Maker to AT&T. Still I will recommend the Moto X as a good buy and a nice step forward by Motorola.