The Secret Life of Pets Review

Picture three adults, young at heart and giddy with anticipation heading to an animated film about house pets. We were not disappointed in the least. As a former multiple cat owner (NO I wasn’t crazy cat lady), current boa constrictor owner, and fairly new Puppy Mommy, this was right up my alley.
Complete with a hearty celebrity cast, The Secret Life of Pets is the trials and tribulations of a household “pet” Max (Louis C.K.), his new big lug of a housemate named “Duke” (Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family), and their quest to get back to their human companion. Max is a bit sheltered, and only has eyes for his human. He has his regular routine down pat, and has a healthy social life with the fellow domestic animals in his building. His world was turned upside down when Duke was brought home. Their quarreling lands them in trouble, on the run from Animal Contol, racing through sewers, running through Brooklyn, just trying to get home.
I purposely hadn’t checked the cast so that I could be surprised. Well NOT surprisingly, Kevin Hart was a standout as the crazy gangstah bunny. As the underground ringleader, you couldn’t help but laugh at the dialogue coming out of the little white puff bunny named Snowball. Gidget the Pomeranian killed it as the neighbor with the not-so-secret crush on Max. A surprising scene stealer, Gidget (Jenny Slate) led the charge of “Domestics” using their connects to get to try and find Max.
Obviously it is kid friendly, but still enjoyable for adults. It was fast paced and entertaining, perfect for those with short attention span. The basic plot is predictable, but the rest is just a blast. You get a peek behind the scenes at the antics of your loveable animals, and maybe what they really think about us humans. I loved it, and have a feeling that I will be watching it over and over with my niece and nephews. Watch out parents, if you don’t already have pets, be prepared for escalated requests of “Can We Can We Can We have a puppy!!!”