The Patriot FUEL+ Line of Mobile Rechargeable Batteries

Patriot Fuel+-1 My review philosophy is like this: when I review a product, I give it a 3-4 week workout which leads to a result, which could be anywhere on the good-to-bad spectrum.  If the product is from a reputable manufacturer, one would expect a good review, and so on. And then you move onto the next product to review.  This first product gets used one less and less, then collects a little dust or maybe you give it away.  Now why do I tell you all this?  Because for only the second time, I’ve come across a product line which not only gets used daily, but I foresee its use until its life expires. This is a must-have and needed product and I’m confident you’ll come to the same conclusion. This product is the FUEL+ mobile rechargeable battery from Patriot.

For some months now, the FUEL+ line has been available across the globe.  How do I know this? Just flip over the product and look at all the governmental approval markings. The FUEL+ is available is six versions, ranging from 2200 to 9000mAh. These mAh (milli Ampere hour) is the same unit of battery life that you’ll find on your smartphone or tablet.  On the lighter end of the scale, the 2200 & 3000mAh lithium-ion batteries are purely for smartphones and in most cases, will provide one full charge. This frame consists of a white housing with blue ends.  One side has a micro USB input, the other has one USB Type A output.  The mid-range 5200 & 6000mAh models are for all smartphones and small tablets while the upper-range 7800 & 9000mAh models are for all smartphones and tablets.  On the mid-to-upper range models, the larger frame consists of a white housing but now with red ends.  One side has the same micro USB input, the other now has two USB Type A outputs one rated at 1A, the other at 2.5A which leads to a quicker charge.
What’s really cool here is the dual charging capability of the FUEL+ is pass-through type.  So while you’re charging your FUEL+ battery, you can simultaneously charge two mobile devices.  The power button and charge indicator is on the side across all six models. Simply press the power button once and you’ll see the available charge across the Blue LED’s indicating anywhere from 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% charge. Once your devices are connected via the USB ports, you’ll need to press the power button to begin the charging process.  Charging times for the mid-range FUEL+ models are between 4-6 hours while for the upper-range models, 6-8 hours.  Across the board built-in protections include over-charge, over-current, over-temperature, under-discharge and short-circuit. Not too shabby.
List prices are as follows:
PCPB22001 & 30001: $29.99 & $34.99, respectively.
PCPB52002 & 60002: $49.99 & $59.99, respectively.
PCPB78002 & 90002: $69.99 & $79.99, respectively.
Each package comes with the FUEL+ battery, a white 1′ micro USB to USB cable, and multi-language owners manual.  All models easily fit into the palm of ones hand, a shirt or pant pocket, or a purse or satchel and come with a 2-year limited warranty. And they’re quite light with the largest model coming in at 0.42 lbs.  The FUEL+ is available at many of the bigger internet retailers like Amazon and TigerDirect.
As an added bonus, I’ve included a video from CES2014 of Patriot’s beautiful Titan leather iPad case with removable Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard case. Now it’s actually faux leather so all you animal-safe folks can have peace of mind.  These items are available at Fry’s for $59.99 for the iPad Mini and $69.99 for 2nd-4th generation iPad tablets.  For more information, feel free to send me a tweet and/or check out