The Netatmo Family

Netatmo has provided two beautiful additions to my home space. Among their array of various iOT devices for your home, I have the pleasure of using the Welcome security camera and Healthy Home Coach. As a renter, there are some Smart Home devices that are too intrusive to install (knowing my landlord), but these were such a breeze to set up. Each freestanding unit has a brushed metal look (anodized aluminum), cylindrical in shape, and perfectly match my bluetooth speaker. Each has its own helpful app on App Store and Google Play to monitor, manage your services, and connect to Apple Home Kit, IFTT, and more. Better yet, there are no fees to use these devices, and each gives you real time updates.

The Healthy Home Coach is a climate monitor, and is so discreet that you don’t know what it is there for. It monitors the humidity, air quality, noise level, and temperature. Both the app and the colored glowing status bar on the Home Coach show you your room quality. On the app, you can see and set alerts if it is too noisy, dry, and what could be contributing to it. This means that I ended up getting humidifiers since the home coach told me how dry my apartment is. For customization, you can have a different Home Coach and setting for different rooms. The settings are for “Whole Family”, “Baby”, or for “Asmatics”. The temperature on my first setup seemed a bit off from my living room, but I was able to calibrate it to the correct starting point from the settings. This is very reasonably priced at $99
Sensors: Humidity, Air Quality, Noise, Temperature
Color Status Indicator
Noise Abatement Society certification
Dimensions 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches
The Welcome security camera is definitely going to get referrals from me! This was such an easy setup and user interface, that it is a breath of fresh air. I had no hiccups with the setup, and can easily customize settings to my liking. It records who is seen, unknown or known, and you can determine whether or not you want it to record when it sees YOU. If there is no internet access, it will still continue to record, but obviously not transmit. It records full HD right onto the 8GB micro SD card that is included, but also connects to Dropbox for backup. For $199, you will love it, and do look forward to my Netatmo “Welcome Home” message at the end of the day.
Facial recognition
Night Vision
130 degree view
Dimensions 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches
Each device comes tin a USB cable and power adapter. Combining both style, functionality, and simplicity, they are simply the perfect match for me. Others in the Netatmo collection include Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Wind Gauge, and more.