The Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker Review


I remember the moment I saw it.  The angles.  The distinct look was not like any other Bluetooth speaker at ces.  Alas – none were available to try, listen and sample – I settled for the ever-spectacular turtle shell 2.0, which was – of course – superb.  I waited – patiently – for the time to come, for the Big Turtle Shell to make its appearance.

That day has come.  And oh – did it excel.  Past all expectations one could have.

First – and most importantly – the sound: Spectacular.  Great full ranges of sound, adaptable to a variety of music.  Whatever type of music you might want to play, it will give you a full balance of sound, and with a rich depth across all levels.  While other similar speakers might force the bass, the Big turtle shell simply allows for a well balanced bass within the music.

Then there is the all-terrain versatility of its nature.  While not waterproof, it is splash proof and water resistant.  It can be submerged (briefly) in water, and is impervious to dust and dirt, and can handle moderate types of impacts.  Rough and ready for the active lifestyle, bar-be-ques, picnics, camping, hiking, biking, and whatever outdoor fun you can think of!

The third is battery power – and all I can say is WOW.  It comes with a 7800 milliamps battery – And the ability to output at 5v/1000mA through the USB charging.  This means that it can play continuously for 12 hrs (depending on volume) or charge you iPhone, or Galaxy device 3-4 times completely.  Combining natural sound with the power to stay connected is a versatility few can compete with – let alone have the ability charge your device multiple times while playing continuously for hours.

Now, you have the option of connecting either through a 3.5mm jack, or via Bluetooth 4.0.  Bluetooth is by far my preferred connection choice; and it is connective up to 30 feet away; in really solid connection range is 20-25 feet away – but the digital connection is impeccable.

Best of all, it is the impressive amount of volume from such a small speaker.  It puts out a solid 110 dB of sound – but the difference is it does not distort under high volumes, even with heavy bass and treble, it stays very sizzle and pop free, offering you the clearest digital music of your choosing, streaming from your computer or smart phone with the purest music possible.

When all is said and done – Outdoor Tech has come closer to perfection with the Big Turtle Shell then anyone else in their field – an all around speaker that blends strong sound, with great versatility, mobility, and excellent battery life.  It took time, a strong kickstarter, and a big push – but a very solid and viable speaker that does more then one would ever ask – simply put, it is the ruggest, most rough and ready active speaker out there – with an excellent sound.