Tavik Visionary Accessories – Darmity and Pentry

Tavik CES 2014-8 We had the pleasure of meeting the Tavik crew last week at CES. Their Southern California beach style include menswear, swimwear, and accessories. After having followed their swimwear posts on Instagram, of course I made a bee-line for the accessories. They carry various iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Macbook cases, and are coming out with a line of messenger bags and backpacks to add to their collection.

 Always in search of protective cases, and after seeing too many cracked devices, I wanted to see how their Darmity padded ipad mini case would stand up. I love it!!!!! The body of the case is a herringbone textured black canvas. It is a simple envelope style, with a leather flap closure. There is an extra front pocket, for storing business cards and the like. The lining inside the main compartment and pocket is an incredibly soft velvet.
A drawback would be the canvas does pick up quite a bit of lint in black, but not a big deal. Another would be not particular to this case. I tend to use bluetooth keyboards (I mean a girl has a lot to get done!). I would love to see an iPad mini case that is fun, fashionable, but will fit both the mini and its keyboard, without becoming too bulky.
The Pentry iPhone 5 case is made from polycarbonate with a silicone feel finish, and comes in white and black. Not only does this case come with a screen protector, wipe, and squeegee, but it comes with an alphabet of letters to personalize at will. Pentry has 5 spaces for the interchangeable keys. Too bad my name is too long. I will just have to entertain myself and come up with another nickname. I hope to see them extend to cases for other devices as well.
Packaging makes a difference to me. I found Tavik’s packaging to be classy, but with a little edge. The sleeve for the ipad case is pretty straightforward. The iPhone case was easy to open, with a simple magnetic snap. There was no need to fight with a bunch of plastic, or have to cut it open. Simplicity people!!! It goes a long way. Great design, packaging, and branding. I look forward to what is in store for the future.