T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 Review- Standard features at a great price point

With a standard set of features, LG has delivered a mid range device which many smartphone users would be glad to have, and at a price line of 80 USD, its easy to imagine this device being coveted by many consumers. While the device itself isn’t on the cutting edge, it standard set of features, powerful processor, great camera, battery life and price point, definitely makes the Optimus L9 a contender for your hard earned dollars.
While you wouldn’t call this device a work of art, its relatively slim profile and almost invisible buttons lend it a somewhat aesthetically appeal. It wouldn’t stand up against the design of the Galaxy S3 or the IPhone 5, but it doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a brick in your palm.
The voice controlled shutter feature is a fun and almost usable addition to the camera app. Simply saying the work “cheese” when you have the camera app opened, automatically takes a picture. I can imagine a few one handed cell phone “photographers” really making use of this feature.
Overall, it boils down to the cost. The features of the devise are standard, but well built. The device itself is, to a limit, well built and easy to use. With a Quadband GSM antenna and a relatively great battery life an $80 price tag might is a very low entry price.
Will you be getting the LG Optimus L9 on the T-Mobile network? Let us know in the comments.