SteelSeries In-ear Flux Headphones Review

SteelSeries in-ear Flux (2) The SteelSreies In-ear Flux are a great entry level gaming in ear headset for the mobile gamer. Featuring balanced armature driver technology, the Flux In-ear headset is the most accurate headset SteelSeries has ever produced. Experience a new dimension in your favorite games, music and movies, thanks to the highly detailed soundscape of the finely-tuned balanced armature drivers.

The sound quality produced by these headphones are extraordinary. For headphones priced at $49.99 you don’t except this level of detailed sound, with crisp clear tones. Solid mids and pitch clear highs. Audio fidelity wasn’t spared in the creation of the in-ear Flux by SteelSereies.

Most headsets including all other headsets made by SteelSeries are made with what is called a dynamic driver. This is simply the speaker inside the headset that moves air to create sound.

The balanced armature driver requires no external air to produce sound. This means the driver can be made to be very small and it also means that it can be tuned very precisely. With this precise tuning the driver can recreate sound with an extreme level of accuracy providing an amazing audio experience in a very compact, comfortable design.

In terms of gaming the In-ear Flux handle the job well, giving you a clear feel of the game with great sound production. You can hear every aspect of the game. Plus the in-line mic does a very good job at picking up your voice for others to hear.  I full recommend the SteelSeries in-ear Flux not just for the budget gamer but as a great carry around set of headphones that handles music well as gaming excellently. It retails for $49.99 and will be available in Q1 of this year.