Star Trek Beyond’s Justin Lin, Simon Pegg talk making-of, sound design

Star Trek Beyond

At the helm of the Enterprise this time was Justin Lin (known for his work on the Fast & Furious” series). Directing one of Hollywood’s biggest franchise films is no easy task with so many pieces that had to come together – including sound design – to make the action-packed film resonate with audiences.

“The Enterprise is more than just a ship, it’s a vessel that basically has bonded us and all of these characters for 50 years. Sonically, as we design a shot, as we design a scene, it [sound] is not just about levels and stuff. It was about feeling. It’s emotional. With Dolby, we have more tools available to us than ever. As a filmmaker, the aesthetic has evolved to be able to build these moments.” – Justin Lin, Director of Star Trek 

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Star Trek Beyond in Dolby Cinema from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.