Spy shots of Nokia 41 megapixel “EOS Windows Phone in the wild?? Update

177855-nokiaeossideleak Following Nokia’s announcement of summer suprises. Designed as Nokia’s next major flagship with a 41-megapixel camera, and codenamed EOS, a device that appears to resemble a Lumia with a large camera sensor has appeared at Chinese site WPDang. THe rumored “EOS” device takes its roots from Nokia’s 808 Pureview. A device which also sported a 41 megapixel camera but a much larger hump.The photos show the rear shell housing of a potential Lumia, with a yellow design and what looks like Nokia’s typical polycarbonate body. I would have expected Nokia to go with is new Aluminum/ polycarbonate build. But in all its looks like this might be the EOS device.  Those to holes you see at the button of the EOS  will be how it connects to Qi wireless charging cover – just like the Lumia 925. In other words, it won’t have Qi support built-in.Which will give us pure camera nirvana. What do you think???

Update- Looks like vizileaks has a full build of the device