Sprint ZTE Vital Review- A solid Sprint budget Smartphone

Sprint Vital-9 Introducing the Sprint Vital, by ZTE. This will be great for those amateur picture junkies. It is on the larger side of smartphones, at 5.4oz, but to accommodate the lovely 5-inch 720p LCD screen. For a smartphone that costs anywhere from $0-$99 at Sprint, you can’t go wrong. Other physical specifications include a camera shortcut key on the side, nice brushed metal finish around the edges, and matted blue back plate. The camera and video viewfinder have a great look to them as well. It’s dimensions are 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches. Many found it easy to hold and handle, whether it be a woman with tiny hands or a large dude. The battery results seemed about average, with a 2500mAh battery. The internal storage is 8GB with of course expandable memory.

The Vital is running on Android 4.2 operating system. It has a dual core processor, so very nice and responsive. Icons are slightly different, and the soft “keys” at the bottom are reverse from many smartphones. Aside from that the only difference seems to be which Sprint apps are preloaded. These apps range from games to Sprint account access, health, etc. 
As far as the 13MP camera, it is about average. The pictures came out great! However, if you look closely, they could be more crisp, and better contrast. In bright sunlight, the color was a bit more washed out. The video results were about the same. All in all though, the camera is great for every day use.
There isn’t anything crazy about the Sprint Vital, which is just fine. Many folks are not looking for crazy bells an whistles, just a reliable device. Local response from those around me, they love it. I would recommend this for those who don’t need top of the line, but still want a decent camera, video, and large screen.