Sprint ZTE Fury Review- Great little smartphone

IMG_5643 The ZTE Fury is a great bargain for an Android. It has a comfortable, sleek design, with rubberized backing, chrome detailing, and is fairly thin at less than half an inch. The screen is a 3.5-inch LCD display at 320×480 resolution. It has a 1GH z processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB built-in storage, and 5MP camera. For memory, the it comes with a 2GB MicroSD card, and expansion capability of up to 32GB of additional storage. For network and connectivity, it is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable.

The Fury’s operating system is Android 2.3, and is very easy to use. To help users customize their Android, the main screen defaults to a basic Sprint ID for you to customize to your own application preferences. You can then browse through other themed ID’s to download. Once your new ID’s are in place, you can switch between them. For example, Health and Fitness, Home Base, and Socially Connected were the ones that i tried out. They were very helpful for those of us new to Android. For each ID Pack, shortcuts for applications in that theme are preloaded. To access them, you still need to download and install, so as mentioned in my video, I spent more time installing apps than actually using them. Facebook and Twitter each had their original mobile apps, but also “friendcaster” and “tweetcaster”. It was fun to play with them, more colorful than their predecessors, but serve the same purpose. So i ended up with two twitter and two Facebook apps. Why do we need both? I did find the notifications pop-ups and main drop down notification bar easy to use.

Camera and video quality were both crisp and clear. For photos, i found it very easy to upload, as well as access and edit them, in order to try out Instagram for the first time. Although the video isn’t HD, it is still good quality for mobile phone use. Coming from Blackberry with no Skype video, I was excited to try that out. The video quality was very good, but with no front facing video, I only saw who I was talking to, while he probably saw the wall I was facing.

Battery life could possibly be an issue. Fully charged, it did last all day without dying, but that was without any call time. With actual phone use, you will most likely charge the fury twice a day.

Overall the ZTE Fury is a very good quality handset. You can’t beat the price, so it is perfect for the user who is just getting started with data use and apps.