Sprint ZTE Force – $49.99 4G LTE Android

Sprint ZTE Force-2 For those of you who are looking for a sturdy and reasonably priced 3G AND 4G LTE smartphone, the Force is a wise choice. The Sprint Force is a Value-driven smartphone with a swift dual-core processor. I found it very straight-forward to use and navigate.Construction wise, the metal edging was quite comfortable, and the key placement was very hand-friendly. It comes equiped with a 4”screen. The back plate is a textured rubber finish, which makes it nice and slip proof. With the dimensions of 4.88″ x 2.54″ x 0.47″. it is still small enough to slip into your pocket, and weighs 5.4 oz. The battery is 1730 mAh, with 9 hours of talk time.

Many of the features are fairly standard these days, such as GPS, NFC for device to device transfer, Bluetooth capable, and Android Ice cream sandwhich 4.0 operating system. It is also mobile hotspot capable, which was very easy to program. Sprint ID packs and Sprint Zone are readily available for you to customize to your desire. For internal memory, it comes with 4GB, but has expandable memory slot.

Performance wise, I did however find the camera a bit lacking. The 5mp camera took clear enough pictures, but the coloring was a bit off. The pictures seemed to have a greyish tone. The side camera button does make self portraits easy (see pictures of me goofing off). For this particular test unit, I did have to power it off twice and restart when I first started using it, but found no other issues after that.

Overall this is good choice for those who are looking for speed with an LTE device, but don’t need the newest high profile device. Smartphone on a budget!! And always a plus is the environmentally sound approach. The Force contains environmentally preferable materials with minimal environmental impact.  May the Force be with you!