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‘This post has been sponsored by “Timex”, but concerns our own opinion’

I have always been into fitness and trying to keep myself in shape.  As a techie,  I have used different devices to help me stay engaged and active with my workouts and activities. But sometimes you want something simple and familiar.  So to my surprise I was glad to see the return of the Timex Ironman  50 classic move+.  Bringing back that classic look and feel with smartwatch functionality that doesn’t feel alien.  But something relatable, easy to use and can work in any condition: the Ironman Classic 0 Move + is water-resistant up to  100 meter (328 ft) water-resistant, 160 pounds per square inch absolute. IT has a robust chronograph training watch with 50 lap memory storage, also includes a built-in accelerometer which detects your all-day activity.  The built-in sensor will automatically be turned on after you manually set the time on your watch.

Another cool aspect about the Timex Classic 50 Move + is the battery life, yes its a fitness wearable watch, but you don’t have to charge it daily or even weekly. The battery in your Timex Ironman Classic 50 Move+ will last approximately 15 months.  That is more than a year, of working out being active and doing what you want to do without having a second though of charging anything. and you still get all the fitness and health data you are looking for. Plus you can’t go wrong with a $99 dollar price point. I like what I see from Timex; bringing back a classic watch that does more for me now.


This post has been sponsored by Timex, but all thoughts on the subject are our own

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