Sponsored Post – Bosch ICON, What David Really Saw


‘This post has been sponsored by “Bosch”, but concerns our own opinion’

As viral video ads go this one is very interesting and different. It’s all about what Dave really Saw. David has just come back from the dentist and is a bit dizzy and he begins to see different thing in front of the windshield. First off it looks like an old lady lay kisses on the windshield and then gets wiped off, Dav’s dad asks him what did you see. Dav looks and he see a polar Bar throwing snowballs that cover the windshield. Then it gets wiped off. Finally Dave see a dragon in front of him at it blows fire, which covers the windshield ash and dust and it wipes out.  At this point you get the idea the video is about the Bosch wiper blades doing an effective job at cleaning you windshield.

The funny thing about this post is I recently changed my wiper blades to Bosch, (though I couldn’t tell you which model they are). The effectiveness of the blades has been phenomenal against snow and rain I get in the New England area. Bosch has 3 uniquely awesome wiper blades that should take care of anything that needs removing in front of you windshield. The Icon, Evolution & Clear Advantage

ICON Wiper Blades: up to 40% longer life

The award-winning design of Bosch Icon beam blade is designed without metal or plastic brackets. This offers design and performances improvements by distributing more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for ultimate all-season performance that lasts up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades. Bosch Icon is the best choice for performance in extreme weather.

Evolution Wiper Blades: exceptional visibility in any weather

Evolution beam wiper blades have an aerodynamic symmetrical spoiler that helps provide a consistent wipe. In addition, the patented design of Bosch Evolution™ features precision-tensioned steel springs that distribute more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for exceptional all-weather visibility.

Clear Advantage: a clear advantage

Clear Advantage is the latest addition to Bosch’s line of beam wiper blades. The precision-tensioned mono steel spring applies uniform pressure along the entire blade length providing consistent wiping performance across the windshield.



This post has been sponsored by Bosch, but all thoughts on the subject are our own

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‘This post has been sponsored by “Bosch”, but concerns our own opinion’