Spigen Portable Mobile Battery kuel f60Q Series Review

IMAG0450 The Kuel  F60Q is Samsung SDI certified as a 6000mAh high-capacity battery cell and comes with excellent safety features and high quality. Apple products, Androids, smartphones, and tablet PCs can be charged from anywhere with the F60Q external battery pack. In addition, its minimalist design and simple cube shape includes the latest equipment and matches the style of any device.

The Kuel F60Q is a very solid portable battery pack, with a unique feature that allows you to select the right amps to charge you Android or iOS device. The 6000Mah battery goes a long way and. The one negative is the lack of multiple charge with the Spigen Kuel F60Q, hopefully future models can charge multiple devices at once. Other than that it’s a solid device and you can order yours here

Samsung SDI certified 6000mAh Battery cell
10W Power Charger (input : DC 5V 2A / DC 5V 2A)
Compatible iOS and Android OS
Charging available for tables and smartphones for both OS
Simple cube shape and minimal design, 4 steop LED display
Micro USB to USB Cable included