Spigen Galaxy S4 Slim Leather & Crumena Pouch Case Review

Spigen Galaxy S4 Case-2[ad#ad-1]The Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Slim Wallet is made with a luxurious metallic patterned material for a polished and professional look. The inside of the Slim Wallet is lined with soft microfiber to protect the screen. Galaxy S4 Case Slim Wallet utilizes a polycarbonate hard frame to protect the entire phone from external impacts. The Slim Wallet is convenient to use as it does not require any removal of the battery cover. The Slim Wallet also includes a slot for storage of any essential cards or notes. This Galaxy S4 Slim Wallet Case is made to highlight the original device by creating a very slim and thin profile. Price $34.99

The Crumena pouch is a genuine leather case for the Galaxy S4 that protects the device against damage, dirt, and dust. The inner layer is made from a soft material that prevents scratches. There is also a small tab that pulls out to remove the Galaxy S4 quickly and easily. One unique characteristic of the Crumena is the embedded magnet that firmly keeps the Galaxy S4 in the case when it is not being used. This magnet is designed for functionality and does not interfere with your device in any way. If you like the feel of the Galaxy S4 in your hand without the added bulk of a case, the Crumena Pouch is the perfect companion. The slim pouch protects your device from being scratched or accidental drops while giving off a stylish and professional look. Priced at $29.99