Sony PS4 Review: its all about the Games

Sony PS4 Unboxing-3 PS4 represents the 4th generation of Sony PlayStation gaming consoles, to think that the PlayStation started from a failed console partnership with Nintendo. Sony has created a gaming empire that has spanned 4 generations and over 350 million in console sales. The PS4 comes in as a console that has learnt its lessons from the PS3, with a more developer friendly hardware, user appreciative UI and a gamer centered approach. The PS4 is powered by an X86 processor and GPU from  with 8GB of ram (ddr5- Sony fanboys would love to stress that point). The  was designed from the ground up to ensure that the very best games and the most immersive experiences reach PlayStation gamers. The PS4 system architecture is distinguished by its high performance and ease of development. PS4 is centered around a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art graphics processor.The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has been enhanced in a number of ways, principally to allow for easier use of the GPU for general purpose computing (GPGPU) such as physics simulation. The GPU contains a unified array of 18 compute units, which collectively generate 1.84 Teraflops of processing power that can freely be applied to graphics, simulation tasks, or some mixture of the two. The console retails for $399, which is $100 less than the Xbox One and places Sony’s PS4 in a unique position for a Next gen console. Besides all the new hard ware specs, the controller also got an overhaul, the new  dualshock 4 controller has benn redesign to be wider, with a better girp and finger space,  better crafted trigger buttons; with the inclusion of a touchpad- similar to the PSVita and a share button- that helps you easily share your gameplay. Also the six-axis controls  are still there; overall this has to be the best controller Sony has crafted and I really like it.


So Sony say the PS4 is all about the Games, and the way the console UI is crafted points to that. Sony opted out of the XMB crossbar (thank God) for a more simplistic and easier to navigate. Gaming is the true focus of the console with a dedicated share button that allows you to share your gameplay with Friends via Twitch & Ustream. Switching between games and the home screen is a smooth easy process; though not everything on the PS4 is as smooth as that. Sluggish blu-ray movie play back and lack of support for MP4 &  DLNA, plus small sample size of launch titles. Still the PS4 has a lot to offer and I believe Sony has taken the right steps in making the console abridge towards a bright gaming future.