Sony intro $100 PS Vita TV set-top box

original Sony just announced a new game console called the PS Vita TV. A media centric box that play, PS Vita & Playstation games, while also providing multimedia play back. The PS Vita TV supports Japan-specific video services such as Hulu, Tsutaya TV, and Nico Nico Douga as well as Sony’s own Video Unlimited, and also includes Vita-style apps such as the LiveTweet Twitter client and Reader ebook software. The tiny box can be used as an extender for PlayStation 4 games, letting you play them on another TV screen if the one connected to the PS4 is occupied, and will also act as a second Vita system to enable ad-hoc multiplayer gaming with the portable console. The PS Vita TV comes with a play station controller that doe snot have the PS Vita back touch panel and won’t necessarily play all Vita games.  The PS Vita TV will retail for $100 and looks to be hitting Japan first this holiday season