Sol Republic Master Tracks HD: Calvin Harris Edition


Sol republic has become a become a household name in the headphone industry as of late, and with the introduction of the Master Track HD: Calvin Harris Edition headphones, Sol Republic is beginning to create as certain standard of quality and premium mantra into their product line.

Getting right to the design of the headphones, the Calvin Harris Edition headphones exude a quality and finish that reminisces that of a high quality antique, all at the same time being very futuristic and modern all in the same breath. It’s take a lot for a product to impress me, however, when first unboxing the headphones, you can’t help but be impressed by what Sol Republic has done here. The finest details on the outside of the device have been placed to showcase the design aesthetic behind Sol Republic that enhances how you use them. The detachable ear pads with leather interior, metal chassis on the outer layer of the pads; etched with the Sol Republic name. All of this matters when purchasing the device and should definitely go into the buying decision over it’s competitors. The headband used to slide into the pads has also has a leather top etched with the Sol Republic branded name. It’s comfortable and allows you to adjust the way it rests on your head seamless without much hassle. Since these are the Calvin Harris Edition headphones, a small but elegant print of it is placed on the lower end of where the band meets the ear pads. Overall, design on these headphone are it’s biggest highlight.

 When you first placed the headphones on and begin listening to music, the experience is first taken away by the sound cancellation around you. You can not hear anything occurring around you once you begin to dive into the music on these headphones. That speaks volumes to the quality of the slidable earpads, which may be off-putting for some musical fanatics. The second feeling you get once listening to the wide range of music you may have in your library is how utterly brilliant the sound is. I threw multiple different musical sounds, genres, and tempos at these headphones. Every experience was welcomed with the same amazing quality and clarity. Firstly, the bass. There’s a lot of it. Now that’s not always a good thing, because too much bass isn’t how music should necessarily be heard. However, the mechanism behind Sol Republic controls the pitch of the bass is spot on and deserves to be acknowledged in some way. There were times I began to discover certain elements of songs I’ve heard for years that I never once realized before. They truly do enhance the entirety of your music.

The only downside of these headphones are in it’s price tag. Yes, they are beautiful. Yes, they have superb sound quality. But pricing headphones at $249.99 doesn’t allow the general consumer to realize how good they really are. Only brands like Beats and Bose get this kind of price tag and attention in the same sentence. Sol Republic is growing, and in order for them to keep growing they have to place their headphones in a price conscious category. All that being said, if you are a trailblazer and love using products that the general public doesn’t even know of, you’d be better placing your trust in these headphones. I have come to bring them everywhere I go just in case I have the to get lost in my music, as this is what these headphones allow you to do.