Soen Transit Bluetooth Speakers

Soen Transit-9 Whilst wandering my way through Pepcom with Ose in Las Vegas, I happened upon the Soen table, and found myself drawn towards the Transit, a 1-piece Bluetooth speaker system of quality, and heft.  Hari, the direct of Business Development handed me one to review, allowing us to sample the quality, and enjoy the Transit.  Ose and I agreed that I would sample the goods, and report back to the booredatwork world.  And Ose’s loss is – once again – my gain!

Constructed from milled aluminum, a rubberized “armor” casing, and a magnetic rubberize cover for protection, the internal components have the attention to detail normally reserved for NASA or Wall St. mergers.  The speakers are a combination of aluminum domes, with smart suspension, which allows for 20-25% more movement for their size then comparably sized speakers.  To the layman, this means nothing; what it translates to is a speaker that puts out 20%+ more sound then other speakers their size.

Pound for pound, the sound from the Transit it huge.  There is no bleeding of sound at high volumes like you might hear from other speakers; all you get is a well balanced sound at all volumes.  Combine this with the portability, a long lasting battery (approximately 8 hrs of playback, depending on volume), it is perfect for a speaker to carry from room to room, or to take to a BBQ, or a picnic.  It might not drown out 20 people at a BBQ; but it will hold its own in the background without the sizzles and pops that a lesser speaker might bring to the table.  But don’t worry when that call comes in in the midst over everything; the Transit will pick it up easily with all the clarity you would expect of any other phone call – only with a superior speaker.

It saddens me that this will not be on my desk for longer.  Alas, once this review has been completed, I will be handing it over to Ose for life.  But I can tell you this – he will be quite pleased as I am with the product.