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SleepPhones Review- “Pajamas for your ears”



Wow! Talk about an extremely useful product! I met a few of the folks from AcousticSheep LLC this year at CES 2016, and managed to snag their “SleepPhones Classic” and “RunPhones for review. (One of our team will give an update on the RunPhones, but I must speak to the SleepPhones” first.) So what are they? SleepPhones are earphones built into a soft, comfortable headband in order to fall asleep. This got immediate use on our CES trip in order to tune out a few snores to say the least. We get little sleep on that trip as it is, so every hour is precious. Whether you need to sooth yourself to sleep after a long day with your favorite music, or drown out outside noise (snore monsters), or use for travel, I have a feeling everyone you know can find a use for these.

On the more simple end, I used the SleepPhones Classic, which to simplify are the corded version. It will take you a minute or two to adjust the earbuds to the correct positioning for your own fit. Now are these a high tech earbud with booming bass? No they are not, but then again that isn’t their purpose. Depending on model, the headbands come in a soft fleece or nylon.


  • Classic are the standard model, with corded earphones built in

  • Microphone is the classic model but with a microphone for calls

  • Wireless is the Bluetooth model – CES 2014 Innovation Award and Reddot Award

  • Simple is a headband with pre-programmed audio tracks

  • TellyPhones come with attachments for you to watch tv while your significant other is not disturbed

For accolades, SleepPhones creators AcousticSheep LLC was named a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories -headphones and fitness/biotech. They have wonderful gift bundles available for Valentine’s Day as well as other bundles and attachments, so this is a fabulous but also very useful gift idea. There is a version for everyone’s style, ranging from $39.95 to $149.95.


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