Skyfall viewer Review- Bond is Back!!!!

We wanted to share an in-depth review from one of our readers Joe Eke on the the latest Bond movie Skyfall. Warning!!! There might be spoilers for those who haven’t watched it!!!

Long ago…wait maybe not that long, there was a time when I used to enjoy a good cup of coffee. These days I spend those same hours just savoring the sweet aroma of coffee beans in the air, when Starbucks or Dunkin’ donuts are brewing their not-so-natural coffee beans. Anyway, after years of drinking coffee at my favorite coffee shop I noticed the quality of the coffee started depreciating and eventually went from mmmm-sweet-sensation to ugghhhh-this-is-disgustingly-abhorrent. I stopped going there for a while and posted my not-so-good review on one of those wannabe yelp websites with the hope that someday the managers would get wind of it and change their brand. To my surprise years later, I tried them again and they resorted back to what made them a household name in the first place. This is exactly what the makers of James Bond franchise did to the new 007 flick.

What they did with Skyfall is nothing short of perfection and will flip a lot of people’s wigs…or weaves as they say nowadays. Barbara Broccoli, Sam Mendes and Sony have put together a masterpiece, an eye popper on a mural, almost a Mona Lisa when compared to other Bond films. To really understand my ebullience you have to understand where I’m coming from. I’m from a couple of years ago where I saw a misguided, malapropic if you will and complex Bond movie in quantum of solace. A film which left me with a bad taste in one of my orifices. A film that was “ugghhhh-this-is-disgustingly-abhorrent” of you will. You can imagine how one feels after tasting something awful, turn around and taste something tantalizing. I have always considered “License to Kill” one of the worst outings of her majesty’s secret service agent. It was Timothy Dalton at his worst, Bond seen in an unusual scenario, Bond like a bad album released by the likes of Celine Dion. But then came “Quantum of Solace”. This was bile gone bad, margarine instead of butter and Bond like a bad album released by the likes of David Hasselhoff. Now Quantum of Solace has taken its place on the mantle of the Razzies. It stands on the same shameful podium of Romney, what a mess….





There is always redemption or shall I say retribution after such filthy movies are released and Sam Mendes became the Dr House of the Bond franchise. Swaying his mental genius the way a dignified conductor orchestrates an orchestra he crafts the masterpiece. Skyfall is in a way what Martin Campbell made in 1995. For those non Bond fans, Campbell is the director of GoldenEye and Casino Royal(the modern one not the one from the 1950’s or 60’s or whatever. You catch my drift). This is not to say Skyfall isn’t without its flaws because it is, but they are so innocuous you might never really catch them. The Bond fanatics will of course. I’ll break down a few of the pros and cons of this movie without really giving away much about it.


  • Bond..James Bond is back. And I mean the suave special agent you grew up knowing is back. Despite his rugged looks, he’s back to portraying that suave, classy and debonair Bond we fell in love with.
  • He’s still dark and forcefully strong from his character in casino Royal. This is still important because Bond can’t be as soft as one of his predecessors played by Roger Moore
  • Gadgets are back albeit not overwhelming as they were in Die another day.
  • Despite every Bond fanatics annoyance about him drinking beer they actually still threw in the Vodka Martini. It was perfect
  • The story is nothing short of brilliance, The climax at the end is well…one heck of a climax. This movie turns from a James Bond flick to a freaking exciting thriller
  • There are several astonishing fight scenes that will blow your mind away
  • Humor is back and with just the right flavor
  • Adele’s encore performance for the intro song is nothing short of stellar. And this is coming from a guy who really dislikes that woman’s music.
  • Everything as you know Bond is back.
  • Listen, if I keep writing I won’t finish, I’ll move onto the cons.


  • He drinks way too much beer (this isn’t bad. Just adding this to fill up the Con list)
  • Despite the women in the movie they’re still not enough
  • It wasn’t long enough (though how can 1 want more after 2hrs and 23 mins?)
  • Javier Bardem’s abrupt ending is good but could’ve been better
  • A little slow at some points

I’ll end my review by saying if you have not seen this movie, then get your a## up and go see it. If you prefer to waste your time on some teen-vampires chasing some teen half breed werewolf/vampire or some romantic holiday crap then by all means go waste your time. But if you want that big, juicy, tantalizing and satisfying climax then waltz to the most exciting Bond movies you’ve seen since 1995’s Goldeneye.


Joe Eke