Samsung NX Mini Review

NX Mini-7
Who wants a fashion-friendly selfie camera? Well then you will love the Samsung NX Mini. It is the perfect compromise in between a standard point and shoot camera, and a fancier DSLR. It IS a DSLR in fact, but more compact, looking like a point and shoot. At 20.5mp and HD video you are getting great capability for your money.
One of the most convenient features is the 3.0″ flip screen. This acts as your standard viewing screen, touch screen menu, but also flips up for the perfect selfie mode. It defaults to a 3 second countdown, for the perfect selfie positioning. It really came in handy at the New England Patriots Duckboat parade!!!
Like others in Samsung line, it has Mobile Link and Auto Share, to transfer pics to Samsung smartphones, but also use as a viewfinder. This was so convenient when I wanted to share pics from the holiday right away, for all forms of social media. I could just transfer to the phone. However, this is not very practical if you want to share ALL to your smartphone. it just takes too long. I never really ended up using the smartphone as the viewfinder.
Cons would be that it has no zoom option, but that is only due to it coming with the single lens. You would then want to buy additional lens options. I would also recommend that you get a protective case for the NX Mini and it’s accessories right away. It would be far too easy to lose such compact lenses.  I kept worrying that I lost the lens covers. It is very easy to use, but I do agree with other folks comments, that the shutter and power buttons are too small.
Pricing for NX Mini with the 9mm pancake lens is about $349, and with the 9-27mm lens about $449. I think the later makes much more sense for your money and capability.  It comes in a wide range of fashionable colors. The faux leather texture definitely gives it a higher end look.
3.0″ Flip screen
Dedicated selfie mode
12.5mm thin lens
Compatible with other lens series
All in all I would recommend the NX Mini for the amateur working on stepping up their camera game.