Samsung HMX-QF20 Flash HD Camcorder Review

The Samsung QF20 camcorder’s stylish design houses 1080i Full HD recording, 20x optical zoom, wide-angle 29.6mm lens, and many creative functions in a slim and portable body. Ideal for busy young families, it is a lightweight and easy-to-use grab-and-go companion. It incorporates Samsung’s Switch Grip 2 feature, which allows easy recording from any angle. Additional features include: Art Time Lapse effect, One-Touch recording, 2.7-inch touch screen LCD, OIS Duo image stabilization, and more!
It’s a fun but basic Camcorder, that takes away a lot of the heavy lifting from the user with its Smart control options. There is a lot to like about the camera, though I advise not using in areas that is noisy; it will give you poor sound output. Overall I would recommend the Samsung HMX-QF20 to anyone looking for a camcorder to is a quick easy pick up and go with a few extra features