Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Dock Multimedia Hub Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Multimedia Hub-1 Samsung announced a slew of accessories for the Galaxy S4 at their Radio city music hall event. One of them was the Smart Dock Multimedia Hub, which works for both the Galaxy S4 & the Note II. The Smart Dock allows you to convert your mobile phone into a mobile office. Connect an HD monitor via the HDMI port and share a presentation with a client, or just watch a favorite video in your hotel room. Tired of typing on a tiny virtual keyboard? With three built-in USB ports you can connect a full-sized keyboard, USB mouse and an external storage drive – all at the same time – and convert your Galaxy in to a mini desktop computer. You can even connect your Samsung Galaxy Note II to your home theater via the 3.5mm stereo connector for an immersive audio experience. This immersive package retails for $99 and ads extra demisons to your Galaxy S4.

Video 1080p
Package Contents
Package Contents Smart Dock, 2 Amp Micro USB Travel Charger
Charger Type
Charger Type Micro USB
Audio Out Port
Audio Out Port 3.5 mm
Compatibility Galaxy Note II and The Galaxy S 4