Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Rome 1 I am still asking myself why this game got severely bad reviews. Granted at booredatwork, we haven’t done a lot of reviews and by no means is Ryse: Son of Rome perfect, But there are a lot of great things to enjoy with the game. First of this is one of the best looking next-gen games on either  PS4 & Xbox One. Though there are some aspects of the game that don’t live up to snuff. Still the game really shines with environment details and closes up shots as you get into the execution sequences.

Which is one of the biggest elements to Ryse. Once you have gotten an enemy weaker and vulnerable, you can hold down the right trigger to prompt strategic cut sequences rome 3that all you to deliver some awesome death sequences to your enemy.  The action sequences are fun, but can get repetitive., you can gain new skill sets, health and more. The one area I would knock the game is its length; the game is short and doesn’t help expand the story to its fullest, which was another solid aspect of the game. Overall Ryse: son of Rome is a fun game for the Xbox One. it’s not the best but it show a lot of promise in  gameplay mechanics  and graphics. I would love to see the franchise move forward with a sequel from Crytek