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Review #6 – Precious


With sadness comes hope.

Thats the overwhelming sentiment I have about the film “Precious”, the story of an unfortunate incest survivor whose own father is the father of her own 2 kids. Layered amidst flights of fancy to escape the harsh realities she is trying to face, the protagonists struggles to find not only self worth, but security and well being in a world she doesn’t trust.


Precious (Played by Gabourey Sidibe) was not a deep character to play, suffering with her secrets and pain in silence. The only joy you ever see from the character comes from her daydreams, fantasies, and flights of fancy, her escape for reality. Otherwise, the character did not call for much from her, not enough to warrant a best actress nomination, let alone a win. Mo’Nique (As Precious’ mother) has the range necessary for an Oscar: prone to fits of sudden rage and anger, a character you can both pity and despise at the same time. For the first time in any role I have ever seen her in, she actually come across as vulnerable, moving, strong yet out of control.


Only one other time in the Academy’s history has an Afri can-American film maker been up for Best Director (John Singleton, Boyz n The Hood), so Lee Daniels is in rarefied air at this point. The film is solid from a film makers standpoint, and he draws a good performance from Gabourney Sidibe, and a very good performance from Mo’Nique, otherwise, the film isn’t spectacular – the story itself, powerful, dramatic, dark and cruel – give the film the backbone it needs to stand. Otherwise, the would just be another offering.

The feeling I have, after watching the film, is that Mo’nique will probably be the only one walking away with hardware Oscar night – though, it is possible that writer Geoffry Fletcher might get a statue of his own.

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