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Rest in peace King of Pop Michael Jackson & 70’s Beauty Farrah Fawcett

These are my thoughts, so I apologize for it being very incoherent

I grew up listening to his tunes and trying to moonwalk every chance I could. Till this day i still can’t moonwalk. His music touched me and my generation in many ways. Showed us how to dance and shake it on the dance floor.  Watching thriller as a kid with my mom, getting scared and then trying to learn the dance moves.

As Elvis was the king for a generation, so was Michael Jackson to this generation. Its hard to grasp the reach of such an individual, but it is a testament to his greatness that on the day of his passing, the world stopped in shock.

One of the first beauty’s I fell in love with was Farrah Fawcet, watching her on Charlize Angels and gawing all the time when she came on screen. It hard to describe the loses on June 25th, a generation ; my generation has lost alot in a day.

So let pull out our Farrah postesr and put them back where they belong, right on the bedrom wall and dance the Night away with every Michael tune we love and enjoy.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett, you both shaped my childhood.

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