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Red haired Family forced to move

Now this is the craziets thing.. discriminated over your hair color? How ridiculous is that?

According to BBC- A Newcastle family claim they have been forced from two homes by thugs who have targeted them over their ginger hair.

Kevin and Barbara Chapman say they and their four children, aged between 10 and 13, have endured years of taunts, smashed windows and violence.

They said they moved from Walker to Newbiggin Hall to try to escape the bullying, and then again to Kenton Bar.

Son Kevin, 11, said he was recently punched in a street attack. Newcastle Council is “discussing the situation”.

Mr Chapman, 49, said his 10-year-old daughter Ryelle and sons Daniel, 10, and Jordan, 13, have also been badly affected.

He said each time the family received abuse they moved home.

The family also say they have endured their homes being daubed in graffiti.

Mr Chapman said: “The abuse we get is unbelievable. It started more than three years ago, when the kids started getting bullied by lads over the colour of their hair.

“They’ve been punched and kicked and thrown over a hedge. Every time they go out these gangs get to them.”

He added that the family now wanted to move again.

Community police officer Sergeant Colin Murray, of Northumbria Police, said there had been a number of incidents all of which had been fully investigated.

Commenting on the matter, a Newcastle City Council spokesman said: “We are currently discussing their situation.”

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