R1 3D Printer from ROBO 3D: Cost affordable at $799

Robo 3d-2

A 3D printer! ROBO 3D an affordable 3D printer and they just cracked the mainstream with sales in Costco. You can buy a 3D printer, and easily 3D print holiday gifts like:

  • iPhone speaker dock that amplifies sound
  • Elevated wine bottle holder- already have this done
  • Heart Earrings
  • Safe with Key
  • Lap Top Stand
  • Set of Plant Pots- for making tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. This would be cool small 3D printed pots
  • Tie Rack or Scarf Organizer
  • Money Clips
  • Dog Bowl or cat bowl for your pets
  • Birdhouse with an open back (so you could attach it to your window and see inside the house)- saw this kind of product on an infomercial. We could 3D print one

More about the R1: http://www.robo3dprinter.com/products/robo-3d-abs-model-fully-assembled

It’s Affordable

  • $799 is an incredible amount in the world of 3D printers, which makes consumer use much more of a reality.

It’s Versatile 

  • can print objects up to 10 x 9 x 8″ from a variety of materials, including both PLA and ABS plastics.
  • Can be used with almost any open-source software, a flexible range of materials, a variety of resolution settings, and most current operating systems.
  • The single extruder allows you to print with one material at a time.
Easy To Use
  • Start printing right out of the box – the R1 comes fully-assembled with a 300g spool of RoBo Blue Filament to start with.
  • Use your current Mac, Windows, or Linux system to design your object with almost any kind of CAD software, and send it to the printer via USB cable, or save your file onto an SD card and plug it directly into the R1.
  • The build plate is calibrated automatically, leaving no room for human error. It is also heated, a quality that prevents the bottom of your print from warping, which is an essential factor in printing with ABS plastic.
  • The R1 can also work with glass, wood, and flexible filaments.
  • Engineered to print at three levels of detail – set it to high resolution to achieve prints comprised of 100-micron thin layers, or set it to low resolution to print faster, rougher prints with 300-micron layers.

Key Features:

100 Micron Resolution 
Fine print resolutions mean that each layer of plastic put down by the 3D printer is very thin. This allows the finished product to have a great deal of detail and precision in its design. The printer’s default setting is 200 microns, or 0.2 mm per layer, but the software settings can easily be changed to a finer, 0.1 mm resolution, or a coarser 0.3 mm.
Automatic Calibration 
The R1 automatically levels the mechanism to align the extruder with the build plate in order to ensure accurate printing. No need for the user to manually adjust settings or do anything other than send the file to the R1 for printing.
Large Build Volume 
The 10 x 10″ build platform allows you to print an object up to 720 cubic inches in size in one run. And as always, you can print several separate pieces and glue them together for an even larger product.
Heated Build Plate 
The build platform is made of borosilicate glass to withstand the extremes of heating and cooling that occur during printing. An 8.4 x 8.4″ area in the center of the build platform is heated, which keeps the bottom of the 3D print warm while the top is being printed – this helps distribute heat more evenly throughout the print, which in turn prevents the base from warping. This is helpful for printing with PLA, but essential for printing with ABS. The build plate is also magnetic and removable.
Wide Range of Materials 
The R1 3D Printer works with a variety of filaments and materials in addition to the standard ABS and PLA plastics, such as glass, wood, nylon, flexible materials, high impact polystyrene (HIPS), and more. The printer is also compatible with most open-source 3D printing software.
Stand-Alone Printing 
Use the R1’s USB port to send a print file from your computer, or print from an SD memory card by inserting an SD card into the R1’s SD card slot.
Print Right out of the Box 
The R1 3D Printer comes fully assembled with a 300g spool of blue filament to get you started.