Qualcomm Toq Review: A worthy starting point

Qualcomm Toq-6 Smartwatches & wearable tech  are all the crazy in the tech world today. After Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear. Peoples interest in wearable technology has jumped to astronomical levels. Qualcomm release the Toq as a reference design that is aimed at showcasing what the company can do with this face. The first thing you will be impressed with on the Toq is the Mirasol display; this is one of the best aspect of the Toq,  color touchscreen display that looks different because it is different. Unlike other smartwatches. Toq smartwatch features a color touch screen display that is always on and active and lasts multiple days between charges. Battery life for the Toq is impeccable last about 6-7 days in our test use and its great to see the Qualcooms expertise in processor and the display have added an extra additive to battery life performance.

There are some aspects to the design that leaves a lot to be desired, let the initial watch strap setup as well as the backlight and screen activation mechanism. still I am impressed with what Qualcomm has brought to the table here with the Toq. Let’s just hope moving forward,  they can come with a more compelling price point that $350 to sway in wary consumers. Still the Qualcomm Toq with its faults is a very positive start to an exciting state in wearable consumer tech.

 Key Points

  • Mirasol display is great in sunlight
  • Awesome 6 day battery life
  • Wireless Charging stand
  • Easy to use app
  • Registers all notifications from Smartphone
  • (Only works with Android smartphones)
  • (Watch Interface isn’t linear)
  • (Unlcok & light functions are finekey)