Pursecase Review – “Stylin & Dialin”

Pursecase-8 That a fabulous idea! there are so many phone cases out there, a little for everyone. However, a multi-tasker like myself needs functionality. Kelley and Jenn and have designed a wonderful product. The pursecase is designed to look like a mini clutch. I have seen somewhat similar cases out there, but more thought was put into this design. For those who love to be out and about on the town, this is great!!!
The front is your standard phone screen. The back of the case serves as your purse. It has a faux metal closure for safekeeping credit cards, business cards, and cash. The additional surprise is that when you open the purse, you have a small touch up mirror for a quick “fashion emergency” re-apply. What makes this picture junkie happy is that it is designed to allow you to keep using your phone to take pictures and not have to remove it from the case. The helpful card that arrives mentions NOT trying to use your flash, as it affects the picture quality.
It is made of a soft silicone material, so both protective and malleable. The six colors and quilted texture are quite attractive, soon expanding to versions with spikes (love it!!!). The only thing I worry about is the silicone getting dingy over time.  The handle is made of the same silicone, with faux metal chain detail, making it look even more like a mini high-end purse.
The pursecase is available for iphone 4 and 5, coming soon for the Samsung Galaxy 4. I will be keeping an eye out for SG4 spikes!!!!. You can order online, but working on expanding to stores. You can follow the @pursecase #stylinanddialin crew on twitter, facebook, and instagram.