CES 2010 Look at Powermat: The Future of Battery Technology………………..


In today’s technological world  we carry numerous high powered devices from portable media players, smart-phones, laptops and gaming devices of sophisticated fashion. But our battery technology is still far behind. Not one of these devices mentioned last as long as my tank of gas, some have to be charged every 4hrs just ensure it stay operational (I own a G1, which I love to death). Then you have to deal with having a charging cord for each device, you’ll  be lucky if the all use USB or micro-USB. There is also the issue of losing wires and just the plain stress of carry all that stuff with you which can be annoying.

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Take CES 2010 is an example, going to the show I took a laptop, cell phone, Nintendo DS, digital camera, camcorder & ZuneHD. which equals to six chargers IU took to cover one show and lets not forget the extra battery for both camera and camcorders.  That is seriously too much extra stuff to carry around for one trip. So where does Powermat come in? Yes they were at the show and I got a chance to see what they had in stock, but lets be honest for the most part everyone had relegated Powermat to being a fancy charging station for high powered electronics.

At CES 2010 Powermat had a plethora of new battery accessories to show, new charging mat solutions that come in one, two or three variants that give you  the user to have a mat of different sizes anywhere. Also have portable charging solution with an internal battery that can charge two devices for  four full charges. The internal battery of the mat take 2hrs to charge.

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Here is where Powermat came to shake things up, with the Powermat  Powerpak battery solutions for cell phones. Which simply is Powermat’s Asics technology shrunk down to fit into a battery. Now longer the need for an attachment or alteration of your device to work with the Powermat. All you need to do is by the Powerpak battery version for you phone, swap batteries and you are good to go with wireless charging your device. The battery will retail for around $39.99 and the might be an a la cart deal with a one solution Powermat and Powerpak for $69.99 and will be available in Q2. Its very exciting stuff, they’ve gotten their technology down to the point the can fit into Bluetooth headsets and other battery solutions for cameras and such.  If this pick up Powermat can easily become a battery solution provider for almost every electronic device manufacturer that requires a battery solution of sorts. Powermat has already begun creating partnerships with every major smart-phone maker to ensure their solution is in every mobile device. It shouldn’t stop there, I can see their technology in headsets, cameras, remote controls, videogame controllers ( will all love changing batteries for our Wiimotes), Slates and e-readers.

Now lets be frank here Powermat hasn’t increased the lengthen of battery storage, but what they showcased at CES 2010,  will make charging of an electronic device a convenient and seamless process, that literally requires you to drop your device on a table or in their case a mat. Hopefully next CES, all I will need is a mat and not 20 different cords.