PowerDirector 12 Review: Simple yet highly Effective Editing tool

pd121 PowerDirector from cyberlink is what I would like to call the best line of Prosumer video editing software. Yeah I know its a strange way to start a review with heaping praise; but the truth is that Cyberlink has created a software base for video editing that is simple yet highly effective. Now PowerDirector 12 moved thing to a higher level of function and effectiveness. There are a lot of major improvements to PowerDirector 12 which includes multicam designer, which allows you to Simulate 4 live camera switching by selecting and editing the best camera angle and sequence from an event that you have simultaneously captured with multiple devices. Synchronize the tracks by audio, timecode or time taken, switching between shots with hotkeys and instantly create multiclip track recording. While the Theme designer Experience is a powerful tool for converting your videos and photos into stylish 3D-animated slideshow videos. Simply drag and drop your videos and photos to a selection of over 30 built-in animated design templates.

Plus there is a new Subtle room, that allows you to customize your subtitle design by setting font, color and position. With easy-to-use subtitle room tool, you can quickly insert subtitles, import and export to SRT format. On a more technical basis, PowerDirector 12 greatly enhances the H.264 rendering speed, providing 40% faster rendering speed compared to version 11. Plus it is optmized for AVX2 technology on Intel 4th Generation Core Technology (Haswell), providing 3 times faster rendering speed, and supports importing and editing 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Overall PowerDirector 12 is a very nice upgrade, it allow syou to simple edit your videos while adding professional effects and styling that should set it apart. It is truly a simple, yet effective prosumer editing tool; and one I would recommend to pickup here